MiGA Web

MiGA Web allows you to explore and query your projects directly from the browser. We provide a publicly available server including several general-purpose projects as well as some clade-specific ones: MiGA Online. For an introduction on MiGA Online, take a look at these video tutorials:


Video Tutorial 1: Introduction

Tutorial 1

Choosing the Right Analysis

Video Tutorial 2: Choosing the Right Analysis

Tutorial 2

Understanding Taxonomy

Video Tutorial 3: Understanding Taxonomy

Tutorial 3

Evaluating Quality

Video Tutorial 4: Evaluating Quality

Tutorial 4

Deploying MiGA Web

If you want to host your own MiGA server, or just launch one from your own computer to simplify browsing results, take a look at the instructions to deploy MiGA Web.

Test data

If you want to test the MiGA Online Web server, download a test assembly and upload it to the NCBI_Prok project. If you want to see in advance what to expect, check out the results: dataset analysis complete.