MyTaxa Utils

The MyTaxa utilities are optional, but without them the MyTaxa and MyTaxa scan analyses are disabled. Note that MyTaxa requires about 15Gb of disk available to store the database.

We will install the necessary software in $HOME/apps. You can change this directory if you prefer:

[[ -d $HOME/apps/bin ]] || mkdir -p $HOME/apps/bin
cd $HOME/apps
echo 'export PATH=$HOME/apps/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.miga_modules


wget -O - \ | tar zx
cd MyTaxa-master
python2 utils/
echo 'export PATH="'$PWD':$PATH"' >> ~/.miga_modules
cd ..


If you followed the instructions for conda or Homebrew, you already have Krona. If you still need to install Krona, simply execute:

wget -O - \ | tar zx
( cd Krona-master/KronaTools && ./ --prefix ../.. )

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